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In the front: the head of the group Prof. Yuri Gorodetski


From right to left: Rajesh Desapogu, Sveta Rosol, Harel Ginat, Andrei Yerushevsky, Matan Revah, Eliav Epstein, Dr. Dima Cheskis


Surface Plasmon Polaritons are collective oscillations of the charges in a vicinity of the conductor-dielectric interface. These oscillations can be coupled to light and lead to unexpected phenomena such as extraordinary light transmission, subwavelength focusing etc.

Singular optics

Light, just like a fluid, can exhibit vortices under some particular phase conditions. In such beams the electromagnetic energy circulates around a singular point in the beam center carrying a quanta of angular momentum. In the central region the phase of the optical field is not defined and physical laws fail. Accordingly, various intriguing phenomena just wait to be discovered. 


Time resolved plasmon imaging
Optical phenomena and, particularly, surface plasmons excitations occur in a femtosecond time-scale. To view and analyze these effects in real time we use a sophisticated optical system based on hetrodyne interference principle. Owing to this system we have an acess to intriguing ultra-fast optical phenomena in the nanoscale. 

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